Two books, one life… & the many journeys that lead to oneself.

About the books:

After walking the 400-mile pilgrimage journey to Santiago of Compostela, Spain, in 2005, I was inspired to write the English version of this book title “ The Journey “ which was edited and published by Solera Publishing in Baltimore in 2008.

At that time I did not know how I would do it because I was not a writer nor is English my native Language. I simply knew I had to. Translating feelings and emotions from Spanish to English represented many linguistic and cultural challenges.

I simply pushed the tabs on my computer, listening through my soul and writing the message from within; trying to create what for a long time seemed to be a dream, an impossible and unrealistic dream. With the publication of this book, that dream has become reality, and with it, I can finally close the door on the past, live present and look forward to the future.

As I recounted my journey through life, I uncovered many personal demons and fears – love, hate, passion, obsession and dependence, to mention just a few. By doing so, they can no longer control my life or my destiny. With the completion of this book, I feel free.

The Spanish version of the book title “ El Camino “ was written two years later and also edited and published by Solera Publishing in Baltimore 2010. I decided to write this book in Spanish, because after many years working and advocating for the Hispanic/Latino community I do understand the many linguistic and cultural challenges that many Latinos face in Baltimore and in the United States. Now with this book, the Spanish speaking community in Baltimore, in the United States and in the whole world, can know and relate to my story.

Angelo Solera
Author and Publisher
Solera Publishing